Chority. Make chores fun!

Chority is a free chore management app that encourages positive behaviour in children.

Start here
Start here

Getting started is easy!

  • Sign up in 30 seconds (register ยป)
  • Create an account for your children
  • Add some chores that need doing
  • Choose a reward for your children
  • Pick your favourite charities (optional)
  • You're all set. Yay!

How it works

  • Assign a chore to your children, along with a reward and an optional donation to one of your charities
  • Your children see the chore, reward and optional donation
  • Your children promptly do their chore (hopefully) and then pick one of your charities (if you've opted to donate)
  • We'll let you know when the chores are done and ask for your approval
  • Chority directs your optional donation to the chosen charity
  • Your children are free to enjoy their reward (and for you to put your feet up). Yay!
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